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Amount of prepayment penalty for property loans

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The amount of the prepayment penalty results from the amount of the prepayment penalty in connection with the new loan and the new loan. Unfortunately, your credit does not have a sufficient chance of being successfully revoked. Many consumers still pay very good interest rates (up to 10%) on their consumer and real estate loans at a time of very low interest rates. This significantly reduces your residual debt or allows you to convert into a lower-yielding bond deal. The cancellation jokers also apply to already fully repaid bonds. (more…)

How to renegotiate your mortgage?

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For several months, mortgage rates are down. A few years ago, a mortgage over 20 years proposed a rate approaching 5%. Today, the same product is available at a rate of up to 1.6%. An evolution that justifies the increase in renegotiation requests from

requests for renegotiation by borrowers who wish to be able to enjoy these much more attractive rates. “The low rate effect continues, requests for renegotiation of credits flock again,” said Mael Bernier recently, director of communication of Meilleurtaux Le Parisien newspaper. (more…)

Special Term Loan | Cancellation loan

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Cancellation loan for special cancellations

In summary, long-term loans are ten years after the full disbursement of the loan according to 489 BGB resolved without additional costs. For special private reasons such as divorce, illness, unemployment, over-indebtedness, relocation or sale of the property, the BGH is sufficient to terminate a mortgage loan. In addition, I am justified in the concern, in which time context, for example, the beginning of unemployment or illness cases with the Aus?

So how long does the illness / work logistics have to last or is it sufficient, for example, to receive confirmation from the employment agency that one of the borrowers has registered as a “jobseeker”? (more…)

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